Installing Marble In Vaughan

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Installing Marble in Vaughan
Many Vaughan homeowners are choosing to install marble elements in their homes. These include marble tile floors, slab kitchen countertops, and bathroom counters, tiles, and accents. Marble is a beautiful addition to any home, and adds resale value, too. Before purchasing marble, here are some facts about marble that can help you in your search for the perfect stone!
Rock Solid Marble Facts
  • How is marble is formed? Marble is a metamorphic stone formed 60 to 600 million years ago deep beneath the earth's surface. Pressure and intense heat caused limestone to recrystallize, creating this beautiful natural stone. Purest marble is white, but more exotic varieties are coloured and veined by other minerals such as iron oxide.
  • Where does marble comes from?Marble is found in mountainous areas in many countries throughout the world. Countries with large amounts of marble include Italy, India, China, and Spain. These four countries account for half of all the marble sold annually. Other countries with marble include Russia, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, and the USA.
  • How is marble is quarried? Today's marble quarries use heavy-duty machinery, but the method of mining is much the same as it has always been. Large blocks of stone are cut out of the earth and taken to another location to be sawn into more manageable pieces. From there, marble is processed and cut for specific use. Slabs are sliced for countertops, for instance, and small blocks are set aside for sculptors.
  • Marble throughout history.Marble has been used by architects and artists for centuries; ancient Greeks used marble when they built the Parthenon, for example. Our word "marble” is derived from the Greek word "marmaron,” which means "shining stone.” Some of the world's most beautiful structures, such as the Taj Mahal, feature marble, and some of our most beloved sculptures, such as the Venus de Milo and Michelangelo's "David” are carved from marble. Many public buildings in North America also incorporated marble elements into their design.
  • Marble types. Some of the more notable types of marble are Bianco Carerra Marble from Italy, Vermont Marble from the United States, and Connemara Marble from Ireland.
Choosing Marble
A quick internet search will show that there are many outlets selling marble, but be sure to select a supplier that has a large showroom with many types of stone available. Partnering with the right stone importer/distributor can make a big difference to your experience; the best way to choose stone for your home is to visit the showroom of a stone supplier that features welcoming and knowledgeable employees.
Asking questions about marble and talking to experts about how and where it will be used in your home can help you to narrow your choices and find the right marble for your family. For example, if you purchase marble floor tiles, you may want a polished finish for a formal dining room, but a honed or antique finish for other areas of the house.
Visit a reputable Ontario stone supplier today, and learn how to bring the luxurious beauty of marble into your home!